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Sea World Gold Coast – An Amazing Day of Fun with Marine Animals

Gold Coast . 2012 . Aug 07-13

Besides its beautiful stretches of unspoiled beaches, Gold Coast is also famous for its theme parks.  The main draw amongst the slew of theme parks available was Sea World Gold Coast, for how could we miss the adorable dolphins, the playful seals, the majesty of the penguins and the menacing sharks!

Download a map of Sea World Gold Coast here.

Penguin Encounter

This attraction is conveniently located just next to the entrance of Sea World and judging from the crowd here, it is a favourite with visitors!

The ambience at the Penguin Encounter is amazing.  Visitors are treated to a mock-up of the living conditions of the penguins, complete with the sounds they make and the sounds of the Antarctic winds.  Here resides two main types of penguins, the agile Gentoo penguins and the King Penguins, which is the second largest penguin in the world after the Emperor Penguins.

There is a large pool which houses the Gentoo penguins where you can watch the Gentoo penguins ‘fly’ in the water!

Proceed to the upper level where the King Penguins dwells in its exhibit of icy rock formation and watch them march in file from one end to the other! Watch the surface of the pool at the background where the Gentoo Penguins swim in.  Sometimes, they come up to the surface for some fun with the King Penguins!

Dinosaur Discovery Centre

A small but excellent display of dinosaurs exhibits here.

Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

Just down the road from the Penguin Encounter is a nesting colony of Australian Pelicans. This particular species of Pelicans nests on the ground.  You probably could smell them from a distance – they really stink!!   Close up to them, these birds look huge and intimidating with an unblinking stare!

Dolphin Nursery Pool

More than 35% of the dolphins that we see at Sea World Gold Coast are born in captivity.  Many of the third generation dolphins live at Sea World with their parents and grandparents.  The Nursery Pool is where the mothers live with their new calfs.  There are barricades around the nursery so visitors are not allowed to go near and touch them, but we are contented enough to watch them from a distance.  This particular playful calf swam closer to the shore for a photo opportunity.

Shark Bay

As the name suggests, this is the place where sharks roam.  There are ample opportunities for visitors to see and interact with sharks here.
There’s a tropical reef snorkelling lagoon where you get to swim among reefs and tropical fishes, stingrays and sharks.

The surface level allows you to see the swimming tropical fishes, sharks and stingrays through the crystal clear waters.
The most interesting activity here must be the shark encounter, where divers get to swim in a protected tank in a bay of sharks and feed them!  This is the tank as seen from the water surface

Visitors can proceed to an underground gallery and find themselves face to face with bull sharks! See the bottom of the tank here where the divers feed the sharks from.

Touch Pool @ Shark Bay

This must be the only place where urbanites gets the chance to touch marine life forms such as star fishes, sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

These star fishes, also known as sea stars feel tough and scaly to the touch.

 The sea cucumber which is also a delicacy in the Chinese community.

We hope that you have enjoyed Part 1 of our review of Sea World Gold Coast. Do check out our next article where we will be reviewing the shows and the transport options within Sea World.

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  1. Lovely post on Sea World, been there twice, enjoyed the rides and shows very much.

  2. Hi Alice,

    Yes. We love the place too..especially up close with the penguins.. :)


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