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Gold Coast . 2012 . Aug 07-13

Australia has always been one of the most attractive destinations to us due to its mild weather, beautiful coastlines, and abundance of nature.   Since our last trip to Melbourne in 2006, we have been actively looking at other Australian destination to go to.  Gold Coast appeals to us especially, for its ease of planning, fun theme parks, beautiful beaches and its resort style living.

Why we chose to Scoot to Gold Coast

Not many airlines fly directly from Singapore to Gold Coast. In fact, most carriers fly direct to Brisbane only.  The only exception is Air Asia and Scoot, which launched its inaugural flight to Gold Coast on 12 June 2012.

For the longest time, we had been considering taking Air Asia to Gold Coast following our positive experience to Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur.  Unfortunately, Air Asia flies only from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast, which means that passengers from Singapore would need to take a flight to Kuala Lumpur and transit for at least an hour there.  Moreover, ticket prices were not low enough to entice us. 

So it was a bit of a cheer for us when newly launched Singapore-based long-haul, low-cost carrier Scoot announced that they were going to Gold Coast!  We were anticipating the ticket sales launch with great excitement, and signed up on their website as a member to receive exclusive news updates.

Scoot Members-only Sale

21 March 2012 was the date of the launch of Scoot's members-only sale. Those who had signed up to Scoot's newsletter would have received an email announcing the launch of the sale.

Our advice:  sign up to be a member and keep a close look-out on ticket fares whenever a new airline is launched.  This is because new airlines usually would hold a ticket sale to boost their take-up rates and attract some media attention.  We managed to secure a pair of FlyBag return tickets to Gold Coast at a low price of SGD$820.46 (inclusive of all taxes and other charges). That's really cheap as Australian taxes are known to be quite hefty.

Have a look at the breakdown of costs:

As you see, the prices included a check-in luggage of 15kg for both of us on both sectors plus seat selection costs (SGD$20).

The Scoot Experience

Scoot is a low cost airline set up by its parent Singapore Airlines to offer no frills point to point service model to travellers. As such, one should not expect its service to be on par with its parent Singapore Airlines or any other full-service airline. However, it does try to offer its best with some of its flight attendants previously from Singapore Airlines.

Finally, the day came on the night of 7 August 2012 for our chance to experience some “Scootitude”.  The term was coined by the airline in its attempt to differentiate itself from the competitors.

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